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The closing is the culmination of every real estate transaction, whether for the purchase or sale of a residential, commercial, or investment property. It is where ownership is legally transferred from the seller to buyer, where the keys are handed over, and where any remaining financial or other issues are conclusively resolved. But a closing can come to a grinding halt and the transaction could run into costly and disruptive problems if issues arise regarding the title of the property or the closing isn’t otherwise properly handled.

The Experience and Attention to Detail Needed For Thorough Title Searches and Clearance

At Farshchian Law, we know how critical it is for ownership of real property to be clear and undisputed before any closing. Our Florida real estate attorneys use our extensive real estate and title experience and meticulous attention to detail to ensure that title issues are promptly and thoroughly identified, addressed, and resolved. Our title and closing services focus on getting deals done in a way that leaves no stone unturned and no question as to ownership unanswered.

Prior to your real estate closing, we will conduct a full and complete title search, including reviewing liens, mortgages, judgments, tax documents, and other matters of record. If we identify any lien or title issues that cannot be resolved by closing, we will alert you to what we found and provide you with options as to how to proceed, including negotiating with the seller or owner of the encumbrance.

At closing, we will be ready to conclude your transaction on time and on budget. We handle closings for all kinds of real estate transactions, including residential and commercial closings, as well as refinances. Our closing services include:

  • Holding escrow (attorney trust account)
  • Drafting the purchase contract
  • Obtaining lien and title searches
  • Examining the property’s title
  • Preparing and issuing title insurance
  • Lien mitigation and resolution
  • Handling tax, mortgage, and lien payoffs
  • Obtaining association payoffs
  • Ordering and reviewing land surveys
  • Preparation/review of the closing statement
  • Drafting the conveyance documents
  • Conducting the closing
  • Advising on ways to take title (including corporate formation)
  • Preparing post-occupancy agreements/assignments of leases
  • Handling all disbursements after closing

Our attorneys also have experience closing deals involving conventional, FHA, VA, and USDA loans, transactional funding, private funding, and hard money loans. Homebuyers, investors and private lenders look to our guidance in this area to successfully close their transactions. We also refer investors who are looking to fund their deals to our network of hard money and private lenders.

Title Insurance Services To Protect Your Interests and Investment

As part of our comprehensive title and closing services, Farshchian Law issues title insurance. We are an approved agent of the Attorneys’ Title Fund Services, LLC/Old Republic Title Insurance Company, one of Florida’s largest and most trusted title insurance underwriters.

Title insurance ensures that buyers have a superior right in the title to their property and guards against financial loss due to title defects by providing reimbursement for losses should a valid title claim arise against the property. An owner’s title insurance policy will protect the buyer’s interest in the property up to the amount set forth in the policy. We also issue lender’s title policies, which protect the lender’s interest in the mortgage that they are providing at closing. Most lenders require a loan title policy to be issued to them at closing.

Our closing and title experience gives us the skills necessary to manage the substantial risk and responsibility associated with the issuance of title insurance. We offer sound advice on the title insurance required to protect your investment and bottom line.

Farshchian Law, P.A.: Florida Title & Closing Lawyer

At Farshchian Law, we know how much your real estate transaction means to you. We also understand how important it is that your closing proceeds smoothly and conclusively, with all title and other issues resolved clearly and definitively. If you need an experienced Florida title and closing team who can help you with your next real estate transaction, please call us at (800) 604-1871 or email us at Info@JFRealEstateLaw.com for a free quote.