Is a Lawyer Required When Investing in Florida Real Estate?

Florida’s real estate market continues to be one of the hottest in the country. In fact, the Sunshine State had three cities on this list of top ten real estate markets last year.

This influx of jobs, people and growth in Florida has many people asking whether they should invest in Florida real estate. If you do decide to buy an investment property in Florida, you must not only ensure that the investment is sound, but there are also legal requirements and regulations involved in the process. Florida laws are complex, and if you aren’t comfortable going through the process alone, a real estate attorney is a great resource for guidance.

With that being said, Florida does not require that an attorney be involved in real estate transactions, though most people opt to use one to help them navigate the oft-complex purchase process.

How A Florida Real Estate Investment Attorney Can Help

There are numerous ways that an experienced Florida real estate investment lawyer can help to make the investment process run seamlessly. From reviewing and drafting contracts to assisting with the due diligence process and advising on your legal rights and responsibilities, attorneys are a trusted source of guidance when there is so much at stake.

Legal Guidance

Before you purchase a property for investment, you must find out if there are any liens or encumbrances that could impact the property and your bottom line. Unpleasant surprises can cause substantial time delays, which then affect the costs associated with the investment. An experienced Florida attorney can identify potential red flags on titles, as well as help investors navigate some of the little-known Florida laws, including mandatory seller disclosures, lien mitigation, and cross-attaching liens.

An experienced Florida real estate attorney is also able to hold escrow, handle disbursements at closing, assist with your loan, and issue a title insurance policy to protect your interests. The attorney can also advise on ways to take title to Florida property.

Assistance with Closing

Having an attorney at closing is a valuable tool to ensure that the process runs smoothly, and your interests are protected. It can be a full-time job to keep track of the legal obligations you have once you enter into a real estate contract, but your real estate lawyer can assist you with these elements. Plus, an attorney can address any issues that may occur prior to closing and guide you through any necessary changes.

Your Trusted Florida Real Estate Investment Attorney

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