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Closing a Florida commercial or industrial real estate transaction is much more involved and complex than closing on the purchase or sale of a home. There are myriad unique issues that must be addressed and resolved before a commercial transaction can be completed. Permitted uses of the property, financial due diligence, zoning and land use concerns, possible environmental issues, existing leases and tenants – all of these matters and more need to be thoughtfully and thoroughly considered for a closing to proceed without delays or complications.

Given the substantial investment of time, effort, and money involved in purchasing commercial property and the significant returns that can await a seller, the closing is no time to take chances. The experienced Florida Commercial Closings Lawyer at Farshchian Law has facilitated countless closings for commercial and industrial properties of all kinds on behalf of buyers, sellers, developers, and investors. Whether you’re closing a transaction involving retail, office, industrial property, or a multi-unit apartment building, we provide the kind of comprehensive and seasoned representation that you need to close your deal on time and with clarity and conclusiveness.

Our closing and title services for commercial and industrial properties include:

  • Holding escrow (attorney trust account)
  • Drafting and negotiating the purchase contract
  • Obtaining lien and title searches
  • Examining the property’s title
  • Preparing and issuing title insurance
  • Lien mitigation and resolution
  • Preparing tenant estoppels
  • Handling mortgage, tax, and lien payoffs
  • Ordering and reviewing land surveys
  • Preparation/review of the closing statement
  • Drafting the conveyance documents
  • Conducting the closing
  • Advising on ways to take title (including corporate formation)
  • Preparing post-occupancy agreements/assignments of leases
  • Handling all disbursements after closing

We work closely with our clients on various aspects of commercial real estate purchases, sales, investment, leases, and refinancing, matching our professional skills with personal service. Our attorneys conduct meticulous due diligence, draft, negotiate, and review purchase and loan documentation, and provide title searches, clearance, and insurance. We facilitate acquisition and construction financing and ensure that any tenant and leasing issues comport with our client’s expectations and the parties’ agreement.

Our deep roots and extensive experience in the Florida commercial property market have earned us an impeccable reputation for our knowledge, service, and professionalism. We have close and positive working relationships with commercial real estate lenders (both conventional and private), appraisers, surveyors, and inspectors who play critical roles leading up to and at closing. We are also an approved agent of the Attorneys’ Title Fund Services, LLC/Old Republic National Title Insurance Company, one of Florida’s largest and most trusted title insurance underwriters.

Farshchian Law, P.A.: Florida Commercial Closings Lawyer

Farshchian Law’s commercial closings attorney in Florida knows how much is riding on a successful and trouble-free closing. We take every step to ensure that the closing is conducted in a way that meets or exceeds our clients’ expectations. To learn more about our commercial real estate closing services and why so many individuals and entities throughout Florida put their trust in us for their purchase and sale transactions, please call us at (305) 901-5628 or (239) 935-8599 or email us at